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The Five Kingdoms of Severi Giveaway

Fantasy/Adventure Series
Fantasy/Drama Online Series Published by BigWorldNetwork

About the Giveaway

In celebration of my online series, The Five Kingdoms of Severi, reaching its 6th episode release, I have launched a Giveaway. It has already started and will run from April 25, 2013 to May 16, 2013.

Everyone is eligible to enter for a chance to win a 3 month subscription to BigWorldNetwork, an eBook, or an audio book of your choice from their store selection.

The more times you enter the better your chances of winning.

Click the link below to enter:

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Thank you for entering!
Feel free to come back every day to tweet about the Giveaway and increase your chances of winning.

About the Series

A fantasy/drama adventure for ages 15 and up.


In a time of peace and treaties, the five kingdoms of Severi lay unguarded and open to the dark hearts of man. Terdune, a neighboring land that had been at constant war with Severi, was defeated over 20 years ago. All threats were eradicated and its lands left without a ruler. Now a new evil has taken up reigns in Terdune and slowly makes it way to its adjacent sister.

Edwin’s village is attacked and he is forced to travel halfway across the second kingdom to the King’s Hold. Along the way he must learn the true power of the gifts that were bestowed upon him and discover the meaning of the dreaded fate attached to them.

Read an Excerpt

He wiped his lips with the back of his sleeve and ran towards home, hoping his parents were still alive. Unseen to Edwin, a swirl of blackness moved from under the dead man and followed him, dashing from one shadow to the next. It grew in size, a part of it splitting and heading towards the edge of the village in the direction where the attack had first started.

“Dad, Mom!” Edwin called out, pushing open the door to the cabin, his voice straining even more as his eyes fell on an empty room.

A shuffle behind him had him crashing to the right, pans and plates falling to the floor. Another man in black swung at him, his sword slashing at Edwin’s side, a thin trail of blood soaking into his torn shirt. He barely dodged the next attack and lunged to the opposite side, landing against his father’s old chest. The sword inside crossed his mind and he frantically swung the lid open. The man advanced again, swinging with greater force. Edwin dashed away causing the man’s sword to smack against the chest.

Edwin kicked at the man as he tried to pull his sword loose from the chest’s lid, causing the man to fall on his back. Edwin rushed towards the chest again and the sword hidden inside. His hand wrapped around a pouch and he tossed it at the man’s face before reaching for the hilt of his father’s sword. A surge of energy shot up his arm and down his side, numbing everything and filling his ears with a humming sound.

Read or listen to the Series here.
Check out its one week sneak peak launch here.
Read a Press Release about this series and others from BigWorldNetwork here.

Merlin Reverse Big Bang: Art MasterPost

Art Prompt: #1012
Fic Master Post: In Judgement
Author: i_canz_dragon
Characters/Pairings: Merlin/Arthur

Artist Note: Done for merlinreversebb. What can I say I love seeing Merlin tied up, in chains, bondage, the works. So naturally I had to draw him in shackles. Thanks to i_canz_dragon for picking my art prompt and satisfying my need to see Merlin at Arthur's mercy.

**As soon as I get the title I will put it up on the left corner to fill in that whole and post the banner. :)

“It’s like it’s turned against me. My magic. It hates me. That’s why I do this. That’s why I change every night now. It’s trying to kill me.”

Nzambi of the Dead Part 3b

Nzambi of the Dead
Part Three (b)
Day 126

Percival walked the empty hallways, carefully prying the doors open just enough to check in on the inhabitants taking up residence in them. His flashlight grazed the room in a slow manner, landing on a lump on the bed pushed to one side. Morgana lay curled on her side, her hand on the flashlight next to her. She had refused to share the same room as the psychotic Gwen, as she referred to the grief stricken young woman, ever since the day before and their close encounter with the zombie Sophia.

He closed the door, making no noise as he moved to the next room. Arthur and Merlin lay entangled under a thin sheet. Percival kept the flashlight directed to their faces and shut the door. He had one more room to check and he turned into another hallway. Gwen’s room was also quite; he turned the knob and slowly pushed the door open. His flashlight regained its regular routine and he swept the room until he spotted the small bundle on the twin sized bed.
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Nzambi of the Dead Part 3a

Nzambi of the Dead
Part Three (a)

Day 125(continued)

Gwen rushed towards Lancelot and hugged him, pressing her face against his broad chest and let her tears come out. She clung to him, relief and sadness making her a total mess of emotions. Though they had not ended in good terms, she was happy that there was at least one person she knew, especially after what had happened to Sophia. The memory of Sophia curled up all alone in that horrid room, locked with no way out and slowly getting worse made her cries come out in louder gasps. Her hands shook and the flashlight fell from her hand, it bounced off Lancelot’s boot to roll a few feet away from them.

“It’s ok, Gwen, we will get out of this.” Lancelot assured her, running a hand across her curly dark locks and patting her heaving back.

“Well now that everyone is reunited, can we form a plan to get out? I can’t stand another hour in this rat hole.” Morgana barked picking up the flashlight and using it to light a few more candles. The windows were boarded up, doors chained or boarded, making her feel even more trapped.
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Nzambi of the Dead Part 2b

Nzambi of the Dead
Part Two

Day 125

Lancelot slowed down, the tires thumping against the hot street, and looked up at the tall metal wall. It extended beyond what they could see, hidden partly by trees and stacked up cars. Its’ massive structure was compiled of different sheets of steel welded together. Their construction looked rushed, parts of its wall was already starting to rust. Two huge doors made of the same metal made up the entrance gate.

He pushed on the brakes bringing their ride to a stop, setting his foot down to balance them. Merlin got off. Lancelot followed him with his eyes as he moved to the wall, pressed his palm against the thick barrier that stood between them and the Haven. It had taken them a few days, but they had made it. They were lucky that when they had first discovered the journal containing the map, they had not been too far off the path.
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Nzambi of the Dead Part 2a

Nzambi of the Dead
Part Two

Day 123

Merlin shifted against the tree bark, its rough surface nudging against his skin and threatening to stir him from his sleep. He smacked his lips and took deep breaths before he settled further against the tree, his tired body refusing to give up the chance of rest. A slap on the top of his head did the trick and he jerked awake, his hair sticking up in various parts. He ran his fingers through it, and glanced around. It took his mind a while to recall that he wasn't back home and the person who had woken him up wasn't Arthur.

“Enjoying the nap?” Lancelot teased as he tossed Merlin a bag and finished packing up their camp.

Merlin rubbed at his eyes, pushing the urge to go back to sleep aside. He stretched his cramped legs, his body wasn't used to sleeping on the hard ground, and joined Lancelot. His eyes groggily moved to the dead zombie a few feet away from where he had been napping, registering it for the first time, and then back to his companion, clearly catching the fact that Lancelot had saved him yet again. It was going to take Merlin a while to get used to how the world was now, even after two days, the zombie outbreak still felt so unreal.
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Nzambi of the Dead Part 1b

Nzambi of the Dead
Part One
Day 120 (continued)

Footsteps echoed up the long winding stairway, bouncing off the blank walls and making them sound dangerously closer. Arthur gripped Morgana’s hand harder and climbed the last steps to the fifth floor. He pushed her past the door jabbed open, handed her the bad he had been carrying, and kicked the door stopper with his shoe, the door slammed close behind him with a heavy moan. Morgana looked behind her, her long raven hair bouncing against her back, her eyes wet with tears and her face filled with pure dread.

“Keep moving,” He yelled, struggling to hide the fear in his own voice. “I’m right behind you.”

The door swung open once more as their pursuers caught up to them. He paused for a moment, turning to face the zombie closest to him and tossed his knife right into his forehead. The zombie dropped to the ground with a thump and lay motionless, until its body jerked in various directions as it was trampled by the rest of the zombies behind it.
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Nzambi of the Dead Part 1a

Each part is broken into two sections for easier reading. There are a total of three parts to this story and there will eventually be Merthur in it.
Art by the wonderful dhfreak

ZombieApocalypse by dhfreak

Nzambi of the Dead
Part One

Day 120

The deafening sound of a car horn drilled into Merlin’s skull and vibrated past his unconsciousness. His head throbbed against the noise and pain radiated through his entire body as he regained consciousness. He tried to open his eyes to only shut them when the dizziness hit. A warm liquid trailed down the side of his face, his hand automatically reached to wipe it off. His other hand moved with it as a tug pulled it in the same direction. Confusion pushed through the banging in his head and Merlin rubbed at the side of his head moving his hand through his short black hair to the area where the throbbing was greater.

“Ugh…” Merlin moaned, the words slipping past his dry lips. Slowly he opened his eyes again.
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Merlin Reverse Big Bang: FanFic MasterPost

Title:  Nzambi of the Dead
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Merlin/Arthur
Wordcount: 16,326

Summary: The zombie apocalypse has happened. Merlin wakes up to find himself in the middle of nowhere and his memories of the past four months gone. With help from Lancelot, Arthur, and other people he meets, he must find a way to survive a horde of undead and regain his lost past. (AU)

Authors Note: written for the merlinreversebb for dhfreak wonderful piece. I know my story doesn't make it justice, but hope it entertains you long enough to forget that fact, or you could just go stare at the art for endless amount of time like I do. :) Also each part is broken into two sections for easier reading. There are a total of three parts to this story and there will eventually be Merthur in it, plus all the zombies, blood and gore, thus the rating.

Art Master Post
Read over at AO3 (link coming soon)

Part 1a
Part 1b
Part 2a
Part 2b
Part 3a
Part 3b

***Sorry was unable to post the rest of the parts on the 20th due to work. I will finish posting them up tomorrow, really sorry for that. Will try to get them up as soon as I get off work. :)

Notes: Disclaimer, don’t own Merlin. So sorry for disappearing for these past three months, what can I say? This chapter scared me, frustrated me, and refused to work with me especially Merlin and Arthur. I kept having to move scenes around, deleted whole paragraphs and changed a lot of the dialogue, etc. Alas it is finished, sorry it is somewhat short. Enjoy and let me know what you all think. The corridor scene is coming very, very soon plus the moment we all have been waiting. Warning: minor character death.


Unraveled Destiny

Chapter Five: The Pieces start to fall into place

A pair of black gloves tightened on the horse’s reigns, bringing the horse to a dangerous pace. Trees passed in a blur and seemed to grow wider as the woods thickened further. Any traces of a path had long disappeared with the night. Branches from the trees reached out threatening to dislodge the rider and slash at his clothes and face. A calculated tug and the horse slowed down just in time to save its rider from certain death.

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