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A Prince from Another World Chp3

Chapter Three: From Weird to just plain Creepy

Chaining his bike to the bike rack and taking his iPod out of his bag, Merlin headed for the bridge. He passed an old couple sitting on a bench throwing dry rice at the few brave birds that dared to hop closer. Merlin found he was looking into the water half expecting the reflection of Arthur to be there. It wasn’t, water a little murkier than before was all that met his gaze. He rested his elbows on the railing and stared out at the sky, the trees and flowers swayed with the light chilly breeze that seemed to have come from nowhere.

Merlin put on his headphones, pushed the silver play button on his iPod and music filled his ears. He continued to perch on the railings, admiring the scenery and enjoying the shade the clouds provided. A young couple walked up the bridge and stopped next to him. Merlin didn’t notice them in time and bumped into them as he moved further up, getting a bit embarrassed as he noticed they had been in the middle of a kiss.

“I’m sorry,” He quickly apologized.

The brunette smiled at Merlin and then giggled as her boyfriend who totally ignored Merlin and tried to run his hand under her blouse instead. She playfully slapped his hand away and moved down the bridge with him towards the gate. Merlin looked at his watch, his cheeks a shade of red, and moved off the railing taking note that it was a little past noon. He still had to stop by the shop Will had told him was currently hiring before he headed over to his friend’s house.

With the thought that maybe his luck would be better luck today and one final sigh, Merlin moved down the bridge pushing the desire to stay longer aside. Again, just as he was about to step down, a glimmer in the water caught his attention. He stared in awe at the image of Arthur. Gorgeous golden locks of hair and deep pools of blue starred back at him. This time the young prince was wearing a simple red shirt, the ties on his neck line loose and undone revealing some of the firm chest underneath.

Arthur ran a hand through his hair, a frustrated look on his face as he stood in his room. The old fashioned stoned walls and ancient looking candle holders stood firmly in the background, exactly in the same spot Merlin had last seen them in. Merlin leaned forward in an attempt to copy it to memory. There was something about the prince that intrigued him. He couldn’t help but think that Arthur was born to be nothing less than a royal, his strikingly beautiful features and strong posture reminded Merlin of the princes and kings in his books.

How he wished Arthur was real.

Shaking his head at the outrageous thought, he returned his attention to the lake and held his breath as the prince turned towards him and seemed to stare right at Merlin. His expression seemed to change slightly as if he could actually see him and then Arthur smiled, his slightly imperfect teeth only serving to add to his princely charm.

Merlin removed his headphones and nervously stuck them in his pocket, his iPod completely forgotten. His face turned bright red once more as Arthur’s intoxicating eyes continued to stare at him; his body reacting to them in a confusing way, making his heart beat rapidly and heavy against his chest. Then Merlin almost fell into the water as the young man, who had been next to him earlier with the brunette, stepped up the bridge.

“What you dropped something in the water?” The young man asked as he bent over to pick up a silver bracelet resting on the edge of the bridge floor and moved to leave.

Merlin simply smiled nervously and then his face filled with hesitation. The guy had to notice Arthur’s reflection in the lake, he just had to. Maybe the first time had been a fluke and he wasn’t really the only one who could see it. It was still there and Merlin turned back to it, the water rippled again and threatened to make the image disappear. As the young man turned to leave Merlin grabbed his arm.

“Wait! Can you see it, in the water?” Merlin held his breath.

The young man looked at the lake, then at Merlin’s hand on his arm, and up at his face. “I don’t know what you are talking about it’s just a lake, there’s nothing there but water.” And with that he jerked his arm free and walked back to the gate towards his girlfriend, waving the bracelet in the air to let her know he had found it.

Merlin just stood there still unable to process it all in. It was happening all over again, not just the dreams but everything else. He stumbled off the bridge as the image faded and made his way blindly to his bike. Merlin slowly peddled towards the gate, this time managing to swerve around the same little boy from the previous day. However, he was still forced to bring his bike to a halt as the boy’s small hand circled around the handlebar.

“I have finally found you Emrys.” The little boy said with a voice lacking any real emotion, his cold eyes half hidden behind the locks that had fallen against his face. “Don’t come back here or you’ll be sorry.” His words cut through the quite air, heavy and full of spite.

“Huh I’m sorry but my name isn’t Emrys, you have the wrong guy.” Merlin said as he awkwardly moved his bike further away from the boy, loosening the handlebar free.

He didn’t understand what the little boy was referring to, the park was open to the public every day of the week; it wasn’t like he was trespassing or breaking any law by being here. The boy’s eyes never left Merlin, as they watched him pass the metal gates, move through the small crowd forming outside the park, until he disappear around a bend.

Merlin reached Will’s house and dreaded ringing the doorbell. His friend would demand to know why he still hadn’t returned his call and come to his house earlier. He would want to know how his job hunting went and he wasn’t very excited to tell his friend how bad he had done this time around. He moved to walk back down the driveway when the door opened to reveal Will standing in the doorway.

“You weren’t planning on leaving me stranded alone again were you?” Will asked with one of his- buddies for life look.

Sighing, Merlin shook his head as to say no and stepped in with his bike as his friend stepped away from the door and back into the living room to stand right under a grand glass chandelier. Today had been a very long day and he simply wanted to sit down and relax. He quickly storage his bike in the closet to the right, where he always kept it when he was over, and moved towards Will.

“How did it go? Any luck?” his friend asked as he started to climb the stairway that extended three floors, wool carpet with golden trimmings decorating every step.

“Are you really going to stay in your pajamas all day? You’re going to turn into a couch potato, you know.” Merlin teased trying to change the subject.

“Yes, my parents are out on a date and that means I can do pretty much anything I want until they get back.” Will grinned as he patted the railing. “Let’s go to my room, I want you to tell me how your interview went, I want to know every detail.” his heartfelt smile making it hard for Merlin to do anything but follow.

Merlin sat next to his friend, sprawled on a bean bag with his long legs stretched out in front of him. He set his bag down and did his best to avoid his friend’s questioning stare. Will was quite stubborn just like his mom and if he didn’t get what he wanted Merlin would have to spend the rest of the weekend hearing him whine about it.

“I bombed it, horribly. I mean nuclear type of bomb.” Merlin admitted as he turned his attention to the TV, running his fingers against the green rubber material that his friend considered furniture. The silence from his friend urged him to continue, “Let’s just say they are going to need new blinds, preferably fire proof ones.”

“Aw Merlin its ok, you still have that book store that just opened up with plenty of burning material for you.” Merlin’s eyes bulged out of their sockets as his friend burst out laughing, falling out of his red bean bag. “I just got to go with you next time!” Will managed to say before another wave of laughter left him unable to speak.

“We could…..toast some smores over the fire.” He cracked, clinging to his ribs and laughing even harder.

“It’s not funny! Someone could have gotten hurt.” Merlin exclaimed as he got up from the bean bag and stomped out of the room and down the stairs.

Slamming the door, he got his bike and stormed across the driveway. He stopped when he remembered his bag was still inside. He paced the driveway trying to decide whether to leave without it and come back later for it or not, he was so embarrassed and upset. Merlin, the clumsy idiot who couldn’t get anything right, that was him alright.

And to top it off all types of weird things were happening to him, the possibility of him turning crazy didn’t seem to make it any better. The door slowly opened, Will remained silent for a while trying to come up with the right words to say. They had been friends mostly all their life, but it still didn’t make it easier for Will to know what to say especially when he was the reason Merlin was upset.

“Merlin I’m sorry. It’s natural to mess up.” A slight pause and he continued, “Well no one is as clumsy as you…” his voice changed a bit as if he was still teasing before becoming serious again. “We can go watch the Lunar Eclipse tonight if you want. Just promise me that you won’t give up on a normal life.”

Merlin could hear his friend’s soft footsteps as he went back up the stairs. He turned to face the house and noticed the door had been left slightly open. Will knew about his condition, about the dreams and hallucinations that plagued him as a child, and about the temporary solution to them all. He felt bad for acting the way he had, Will was just being Will. But he wasn’t ready to forgive his friend yet; he would torture him a little first, after all that was what friends were for.

He moved back to the door and then jumped up in surprise as something climbed up his leg, his bike slamming to the ground. Merlin flared his leg around, kicking whatever was clinging to his pants off, and heard a thump as something hit the grass at the edge of the pavement. Guilt ran through him as soon as he realized it was his pet lizard, he must have sneaked into his bag and rushed out to meet him after sensing that he might be left behind. Bending down Merlin reached for him, but Kilgharrah sprinted up a tree and hid behind some leaves, obviously hurt from being tossed around.

“Come on Kilgharrah, you know I didn’t know it was you and besides you aren’t supposed to be here.” Merlin called out to his pet.

After a few more failed attempts at getting his hands on his lizard, Merlin gave up and sat on Will’s doorstep. He decided to wait for his lizard to come back down on his own so that he could take him home. Soon Merlin found himself dozing off, his back leaning on the doorframe. The food he had eaten before coming to visit his friend made him drowsy, even more than normal.

Merlin’s dream this time around was different, it felt off; his dream was filled with a mixture of images. Images of the park, the lake and of his previous dreams circled around in his mind. One particular image seemed to take up a large portion of his dream, a certain blond in shining armor with sad blue eyes causing a sadness to spread through his entire body and tear at his heart.

Then he was back at the park, standing on the bridge and Arthur’s reflection shined clearly in the middle of the lake. He stared right at Merlin, just like before, and his lips moved as if trying to say something, but Merlin couldn’t make any of it out. He leaned over the bridge for a closer look, turning his face sideways and bringing his ear closer as if that would help him hear better.

The water glimmered even brighter in response to his reaction to reflect a slightly different scene. This time Arthur was in his armor again, he moved back against the dark wall of a cave. A huge shadow of some type of creature cast over the prince’s turned back and Merlin tried to call out a warning. He leaned even further in and ended up falling right into the water with a loud splash. Merlin quickly sank into the water; he kicked his legs and moved his arms in an attempt to swim back to the surface.

He couldn’t get out, he only seemed to sink deeper; it was as if the water was holding on to him, making him heavier and dragging him further into its cold depths. Again, Merlin swam upwards towards the surface; he could see the bridge through the murky water before he broke through and breathed in a deep gasp of air.

Something wrapped around his ankles and pulled him back into the lake and refused to let go until he was almost at the bottom. Green coils of grass tore at his clothes, blood spilling around him turning the water red. Merlin struggled to set himself free, but couldn’t hold his breath any longer and he began to drown, his body jerking one last time against his binds before becoming still.

As his body sank further into the darkness of the water Merlin woke up with a jerk, sweat plastered on his forehead and his breathing fast and erratic. His entire body shook. He moved off the doorframe’s edge, falling back into the entrance of his friend’s house, prying the door the rest of the way open and smacking Will in the nose.

“Ouch, what the hell…?” Will cursed as he rubbed his ruby colored nose and stared murderously at Merlin lying at his feet. “I came to check on you, since you never came back to my room, and this is what I get,” his hurt expression matching the hurt in his voice.

“What?” Merlin said confused trying to remember his dream, parts of it already slipping into his sub consciousness as his mind became more awake, and barely grasping the fact that he had accidently slammed the door into his friend’s face.

“Forget it Merlin, if you want to come back later after you have cooled off you know where the extra key is hidden.” Will said before tossing Merlin his bag and closing the door, locking it behind him.

“Wait, Will I’m sorry.” Merlin cried out through the thick wood, his bag falling to his feet.

The door remained locked and he cursed as he heard his friend’s footsteps running up the stairs. He moved to get the key from its hidden place when Kilgharrah rushed back into his bag. He stared at his bag and gave up, he would take Kilgharrah home and then come back to properly apologize to Will. Picking his bag up before his lizard had a chance to change his mind, Merlin rode towards his house.

Merlin had decided to cut through a less populated street, to cut time off his trip back home. He gave the shady look of the buildings no mind and pedaled towards the end of the street. Before he got half way down the street, Merlin found himself on his back on the dirtied curb, his scrapped knee reminding him of the cemented ground beneath him. Rising to his feet, he picked up his bike and scanned for his bag catching the fleeting figure of his lizard as he scurried off behind a building.

“Dammit,” Merlin cursed as he moved to get back on his bike, kicking the large rock that had caused his bike to pivot.

His knee throbbed and was slightly bleeding through his now torn jeans. He was suddenly jerked back and something hard banged against his head knocking him back to the ground. As the darkness surrounded his vision and threatened to engulf it, Merlin felt a hand grasp his hair and tug his face upwards, a familiar voice echoed in his ears. Everything went dark and the last thing he heard was laughter slice through the quite blackness.

The noises around him started to come back into focus and Merlin slowly opened his eyes, taking in his new surroundings he cursed again under his breath. The gray walls and worn out brown carpet under him didn’t provide a comforting feeling. His eyes took in the rest of the empty room and stopped at the red faded door on the opposite end.

Merlin rose and tried to move, finding his right hand cuffed to a rusted old heating unit, he trashed around clawing at the slim silver metal clinging greedily to his thin wrist. Laughter filled the room as Max and his two buddies stepped through the door. He tugged one more time before pressing himself against the wall, taking note of the evil grin plastered on Max’s face.

“Merlin, I see you are enjoying your new accessory. I had jerk face here snag it from his dad so it’s genuine.” Max mocked as he shoved his friend against a wall and jugged the rest of his beer down.

“Hey watch it you’ll make me spill the beer.” The jerk in question said.

More laughter filled the room followed by rattling beer bottles and broken glass. Once all the liquor was gone Max’s attention moved back to Merlin. His friends skimmed through the empty bottles hoping to find one that still contained some beer and then tossed them one by one against the wall to shatter.

“Let me go Max, I don’t understand why you’re doing this. We used to be friends.” Merlin pleaded as he tugged on the cuffs hoping the old heater would give way.

“Do you really not know?” Max snared at him bearing his teeth, his voice filled with venomous anger.

“You tease me and then stare at me in that ignorant way of yours. You’re doing it right now too!” He slapped Merlin hard across the face and brought his fist down, slamming it into Merlin’s flat stomach, making him topple over from the pain.

“I never… I don’t know what you are talking about…” Merlin huffed between gasps as Max kicked him, harder each time.

He bit his bottom lip just hard enough to hold his cries back. Max tugged at his hair, bringing Merlin back up and his face towards him. The drunken bully stood there unmoving as if trying to decide what to do next, some of his black hair falling against his face. His eyes got even darker as an idea flashed in them and he turned to his friends.

“Go stand guard in the hallway and lock the door behind you.”

His friends hesitated, some of their alcohol induced haze fading to be replaced with real worry as they stared at Merlin.

Merlin was about to say something, but the words never came out, his mouth was suddenly covered with Max’s rough lips. His eyes widened as he looked in total shock at the older guy’s closed eyes, his scuffed jaw rubbing against Merlin’s chin. A wet tongue pried his teeth apart, filling his mouth with the taste of beer, and firm hands moved under his shirt tugging at his pants.

He pushed as hard as he could against Max’s chest with his free hand and trashed beneath him, his body shaking with pure fear at what the tug hinted at. Max pulled his lips away and stared at him with clouded brown eyes still half hidden behind straight locks; he tightened his grip on Merlin’s pants and pulled Merlin towards him, pressing the hardness between his hips against him.

“You are the one at fault here Merlin, making me feel this way and then playing innocent.” Max whispered into his ear as he nibbled at it, his desire becoming unbearable and tight against his jeans.

“I won’t be played with anymore Merlin; I will take your offer right now.” He rammed Merlin against the wall with great force yanking at his jacket, the brown material easily coming off and tearing against the handcuffs to lie near their feet.

“Keep an eye out guys; make sure no one interrupts us and for fucks sake put his shit inside before someone sees it.” Max ordered loosing what little patience he had.

“Are you sure this is right? I mean he doesn’t look like he wants it.” The guy who had given Max the cuffs said as he looked nervously at the door and then back to Merlin, green eyes showing a small hint of pity towards him.

“We could get in serious trouble for this.” Max’s other companion said as he opened the door and stared at Merlin’s things in the hallway before taking them into the room with him, his short black hair bobbing with the movement of the bike.

“Merlin here is just playing hard to get, aren’t you Merlin?” Max teased as he rubbed his hips against Merlin’s even harder, the heat between his legs getting more intense. “Fuck,” he cursed as he kissed Merlin one more time and began to undo his belt, the shaking hand pressed against his chest doing nothing to lessen his desire and intentions.

Max undid Merlin’s pants and slipped a hand into his tight boxers, his fingers circled around the soft tender flesh there. “Get hard for me Merlin.” He whispered into Merlin’s trembling ear as he licked the area under his lope.

“I’m going to make you scream my name over and over until your throat is sore from it.”

Merlin didn’t know what to do; he needed to get free and away from here. “Stop it Max, let me go. You guys have it all wrong.” His protests falling on deaf ears as his fingers dug into Max’s jacket in an attempt to pry the aroused guy off.

“Please, I don’t want this.”

A gasp escaped his lips as Max sucked at the navel of his neck and bit into it, bruising his pale skin slightly. Max continued to stroke Merlin’s limp shaft, his frustration and impatience making it hard for him to keep still. He let go and started to undo his own pants, his breath now erratic and shallow against Merlin’s soft neck.

“Max, come on man we should just go.” His friend who had protested first said as he stared at Merlin’s bike resting against the other wall, the backpack swung on the handlebar.

“We could go to jail for this, he really doesn’t seem like he wants it.” Merlin’s phone rang as if to support his statement, the melody bringing everyone in the room to a brief halt until it died back down breaking its spell.

“Shut the fuck up and just do your part.” Max yelled as he pulled at Merlin’s boxers, dragging them down with one hand while the other held him firmly against the wall, his fully hard cock rubbing against Merlin’s flaccid groin. His ears rang loud with his hot blood as his hands traveled across the newly exposed skin. Max pressed a knee in between Merlin’s legs, prying them apart and moved his hands to grab the soft buttocks bringing Merlin’s hips upwards.

His friends did as they were told and left the room, locking the door behind them to stand guard in the hallway. Merlin tried one last time to set himself free and bit down on Max’s bottom lips hard. Blood trailed into his mouth and filled his taste buds with the sour metallic taste. Max cursed and slapped him hard in the face, his ring cutting his cheek and Merlin almost lost the ability to breathe when his legs were pried even wider. He tensed as he felt the edge of Max’s huge thick shaft nudge against his entrance, tears forming in his eyes and running down his face.

“Don’t…” Merlin gasped, his body shaking with renewed determination to set itself free.

Just then one of Max’s friends shouted behind the door and a thump followed as someone was thrown against the door, filling Merlin with a renewed hope. Another shout followed before a second thump was heard. Max released his hold on Merlin and partly turned towards the still locked door, confused at what was happening behind it.

“What the hell!” Max exclaimed as the door flew off its hinges and his eyes fell on a figure standing in the doorway, his features hidden in shadow and the brown drench coat he wore the only thing that could be made out clearly.

His two friends lay on the ground behind the man, their eyes rolled to the back of their heads, completely knocked out. The man looked at Max and his eyes turned a golden hue, the half-naked young man was tossed back and away from the trembling form of Merlin. He hit the wall hard and fell to the ground, almost losing consciousness. Before Max could say anything or much less move, a rough hand gripped his throat in a death grip and tightened as the figure hovered above him.

“If you ever lay your filthy hands on Merlin again I will do more than knock you off your feet.” His hoarse voice echoed in Max’s ears as he struggled to breath, his windpipe almost blocked by the force of the man’s grip and causing him to loose full consciousness.

Merlin tugged at his clothes with shaken hands, trying to conceal his naked flesh but finding it hard to do as one of his hands was still handcuffed. After a few tries he pulled up his pants and lowered his shirt over them, falling to his knees after they gave way. He stared in confusion at the three unconscious bodies and then at the man who had saved him. A hint of recognition crossing through his face as the man’s features relaxed and he moved closer to Merlin.