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A Prince from Another World Chp6

Chapter Six: A Dangerous Stir of Emotions

Daylight seeped through the window too quickly and filled the room with false illusions of a quiet day. Merlin rolled over on his bed, his body tensed as his shoulder touched something hard and warm. The events of the day before rushed into his head and he opened his eyes to be met with blond bangs. The softness of Arthur’s hair against his face almost made him forget the fact that the prince was in his bed with him.

“Arthur!” Merlin exclaimed as he turned his gaze downwards to the hand that rested gently on his waist, slightly under his shirt and seemed to move upwards.

Arthur still had his eyes closed, his breathing slow and normal. He was still asleep, dreaming of a beautiful field of wild flowers. In the middle of the field stood the last great dragon, just as powerful looking as the prince last remembered, and standing near one of his legs was a male figure. His black hair stuck out in all directions and as he turned to face Arthur his blue eyes shined a different color. Golden hues flashed where once blue ones had been the color of those with magic.

The realization that it was Merlin, took Arthur’s breath away and he found himself debating which color best suited him better. He walked towards him, the possibility that Merlin had magic failing to reach his understanding. He stopped in front of Merlin, finding it hard to hold back the desire to hug him, to wrap his arms around that slim but firm form and press Merlin’s smaller chest against his own heaving one.

“I’m Merlin, nice to meet you.” Merlin replied as he moved back to stretch his hand towards Arthur, acting like it was his first time ever meeting the young prince. Arthur reached out and grasped his hand, it felt warm and very real. Merlin tugged at his hand and seemed to get scared as Arthur tightened his grip. “Let me go, I said let me go.” Merlin cried out as he pulled with greater force stumbling against the golden scales of the dragon behind him.

Arthur’s eyes flew open just as his chest pressed against something soft pinned beneath him and his gaze met Merlin’s, the dragon’s laughter echoing at the back of his mind. He continued to stare at Merlin, a moan escaping his lips as he realized their legs were tangled together and his hand was still gripping tightly to Merlin’s. In that single moment his dream was forgotten. Both their cheeks turned a beat red as Arthur felt the heat rise from between his thighs and Merlin’s squirming under him only managed to make him harder.

Merlin felt the heat from Arthur’s throbbing shaft; it spread to his own thighs making his own body react the same way. He tugged his hand free and pushed himself back away from the prince, managing to only cause both of them to slip over the edge of the bed. Merlin’s back slammed hard against the carpeted floor and his chest heaved against Arthur’s heavy form still on top of him.

“Are you ok?” Arthur softly said, taking in the fact that they were now sprawled on the floor near the bed, the sheets a tangled mess around their legs.

Merlin nodded and made to move from under Arthur, but froze when his movements made the young prince blush even more. His eyes widened at the moan that escaped Arthur’s parted lips, his fully hard shaft pressed even harder against Merlin’s hips threatening to make him moan as well. He continued to stare into the prince’s eyes, his ears echoed with Arthur’s shallow breath and the sound of his heartbeat.

“Ah,” Merlin gasped as Arthur slowly rubbed his lower body against his.

Arthur’s eyes darkened at the sound. Bringing his hand up to Merlin’s face, he pressed his lips against the pink soft lips kissing him with great vigor. His tongue greedily parted Merlin’s teeth, pushing past the entrance to taste the warmth inside. The young prince found himself moaning louder as he brought his other hand under Merlin’s shirt to caress the soft pale skin underneath; his fingers ran across Merlin’s side and up to his chest circling one nipple, and then the next.

He rubbed his hips against Merlin’s with greater thrusts, the tightness in his trousers became unbearable and the head of his shaft peaked out of his trousers, pre cum already wetting the tip. Arthur guided Merlin’s hand to his cock and moved his hips upwards causing his trousers to move slightly further down revealing more of his sensitive skin.

Sparks were shining behind Merlin’s tightly closed eyes, which had automatically shut when Arthur had started to kiss him. He tightened his free fingers against Arthur’s shirt as he tried to push the prince off him, while his other more daring fingers explored the area his body desperately craved. The heat against his hips was making his own body hot and he felt sick in his stomach, the nervousness of the situation reached a greater high for him.

He had never done this before and yet his body refused to listen to his brain. Arthur pulled away from their kiss to allow them to breath. The separation was painful for Merlin and he groaned his protest. He was losing his grip and fast. If Arthur didn’t stop, he was unsure of how far he could resist. Arthur kissed him again, this time slower; his hands caressed Merlin through his clothes and made him moan out in ecstasy.

Merlin was fully hard and it scared him, he could still remember how he had felt when Max had been doing the same things as Arthur was. It had been different then, it had felt very wrong. But with Arthur it felt right and that frightened him even more. His body began to stiffen at the memories of almost being rapped and that was his breaking point.

“Arthur…” Merlin managed to say once Arthur pulled away for air and he was able to speak, his voice just above a whisper. He brought himself to open his eyes and stare at the aroused expression on the prince’s face.

Arthur looked back at Merlin expecting a totally different expression than the one he found. “I am sorry…” He said, quickly regaining some of his composure. “I didn’t mean to…I” He struggled to find the proper words for what he had just been about to do.

Merlin was frightened. Though Arthur was sure he had felt the same desire as himself, it did not make it right for him to do what he had done. Arthur moved off of Merlin and made his way towards the bathroom. Shamefully shutting the door behind him, he leaned against it. His heart still pounded loudly in his chest and his ears drummed with his hot blood as he banged his head on the wooden door. Dammit, he had never once lost control like that; in fact being with the opposite sex had only crossed his mind as a duty he had to uphold when the Kingdom required it of him.

Merlin nervously rose to his feet and moved towards the bathroom door. Covering his bulge with his shirt out of pure embarrassment, he knocked on the door. No answer came and he slowly turned the knob and opened it, the thought that Arthur might be feeling guilty about what they had done tugged at his mind. The prince, who had still been leaning against it, was taken off guard and he fell back towards Merlin. They both fell to the floor, finding the carpeted floor a bit too hard this time around.

“Ahh,” Merlin winced, his back hurt. He twisted and managed to get out from under Arthur before the prince grasped that they were once more right back where they had started.

 “Do you need any help figuring out how to use the sink or the shower?” Merlin awkwardly asked.

He rose to his feet, embarrassment glued to his face. Merlin extended a hand to help Arthur up and felt his heart skip a beat once Arthur’s hand circled around his. Letting their grip linger a bit longer than necessary, he cleared his throat with the need to desperately change the subject.

“Let me show you how it works.”

 Arthur followed Merlin back into the bathroom, the enclosure drastically too small for the both of them. He watched as Merlin turned the knob of the cold water, ran his hand under the running water, and chanced a look at him.

“See the one marked with a ‘C’ is for cold, ‘H’ is for hot, and you turn it the other way to shut it off.” Merlin explained turning the knob, shutting the water off.

“So you don’t use pitchers or bowls to hold the water or a pump to direct the water to it?” Arthur asked after a while, his curiosity getting the better of him and helping calm his arousal. Merlin grinned and opened the cupboard revealing the draining pipes. “It is strange, but at least it’s not complicated.”

Merlin laughed at Arthur’s statement and made his way to his closet to find some clothes for Arthur, leaving the prince to continue to stare at the pipes. Digging in the very back he found a red shirt and laid it on the bed for Arthur, making the assumption that it should fit Arthur just fine.

It was two sizes too big for him and Will had given it to him for his birthday last year, joking that Merlin was too skinny when it was discovered the store clerk had wrapped up the wrong size. He had refused to let Will take it back and exchange it for the correct size saying that it was just fine; he hadn’t wanted to embarrass his friend further. Now it seemed like it had been meant for Arthur all along.

 “Are you alright?” He called out after a curse followed by shifting shower curtains attracted his attention. “Do you need help?” Merlin found himself knocking on the bathroom door for the second time, this time a sheepish smile on his lips as he recalled Arthur’s surprised face at discovering the technological advances this world had.

“I am fine.”

Arthur’s response was backed up by more silence and then running water followed by more shifting of the shower curtain. Merlin smiled sheepishly at the closed door. He made his way downstairs at the sound of his stomach’s rumbling, its need for something to eat temporarily distracted him from the desire to change out of the weird clothes he was still wearing.

Merlin had his head stuck in the fridge as he sorted out what he wanted to eat. The doorbell rang followed by the front door unlocking and soft footsteps moving up the stairway. Merlin closed the fridge door, missing the fact that someone had entered his house, and continued his search. As he was making his way back up the stairs with a plate of buttered toast and milk for Arthur, Merlin almost dropped them. His door was open and he could hear Will ranting around in his room.

“Merlin, is it too hard to clean after yourself? You want to get your own place, but can’t seem to throw your dirty clothes in the hamper.” His friend’s voice rang through his open door, movement hinting that he was doing just that. “And next time your mother asks me to look after you I am so going to make sure cleaning after you isn’t a part of it.” With hamper full he turned around to gasp as he saw Merlin in the doorway, the hamper fell back to the ground spilling some of its content on his feet.

“Dude, if you are there then who’s in your shower?” His friend asked pointing his finger at his friend and then at the bathroom, a worried look crossing his face.

“Uh, a friend,” Merlin said as he put the toast and milk on his bedside table opposite side of his lizard’s cage, giving the lizard a quick once over.

“A friend, I thought I was your only friend? Why haven’t you mentioned him before?” Will pushed turning back to the bathroom and then moving to the doorway, lingering there unsure whether to leave or stay. “Is he the reason you always left me stranded alone so much these past few weeks?”

“No, I uh just met him; he just moved to town a few days ago and works in one of the places I had a job interview at.” Merlin quickly half lied, leaving the real reason why he hadn’t seen his friend as much as he would have liked out.

He was never good at lying and hoped his friend accepted it, the hurt in his friend’s eyes making him feel even worse. Just then the door to the bathroom opened and Arthur stepped out wearing nothing but a small towel around his waist. He was busy drying his hair with another one that he didn’t see Will standing in the doorway.

“That was the best bath I have had in my entire life. This place isn’t so bad after all.” Arthur said with a smile on his face as he looked up at Merlin, his bare wet chest rising and falling with ease.

Will cleared his throat, making Arthur turn around. The towel he was using to dry his hair fell to the ground and he let go of his grip on the towel around his waist. Before the towel around Arthur’s waist could fall and join its brother on the floor, Merlin quickly moved towards him and grabbed on to it. Merlin could feel his cheeks redden as his hands lingered against Arthur’s smooth wet skin. He had to force his eyes on something else in the room, anything but the prince’s half naked body.

Arthur struggled with the reaction his body was starting to get in response to Merlin’s hands on his hip and his closeness. Merlin’s hair grazed his face and he could smell the nice nature aromas from it, a mixture of oak and pine. His face started to tint a slight red to match Merlin’s and his throat was suddenly too dry. Everything in the room disappeared, all except for Merlin and then the moment was shattered.

“Merlin, no wonder you never mentioned your friend here. He is a complete jock or more like a complete asshole; I thought you were better than that. What else are you keeping from me, our high school’s entire cheerleading team perhaps?” His friend scowled, the frown on his face grew and he quickly marched down the stairs. “Just keep the room clean Merlin, will you, I don’t want to have to pick up condoms and dirty tissues.” Will yelled from the bottom of the stairs, jealousy evident in his tone but still nonexistent in his friend’s mind.

Merlin’s face turned beet red and he called out to his friend, “It’s not like that Will; you’re always jumping to the worst conclusions. And since when have you cared about labels.” But his reply reached blind ears as Will was already outside and halfway down the porch steps.

He let go of Arthur’s towel and moved to follow his friend. Merlin closed the door behind him, missing the look of desire and confusing in Arthur’s face that broke through his calm expression. By the time he had reached the front door, Will was gone. He sighed and closed the door, locking it once more and making a note to call his friend as soon as Arthur was fully clothed. With that in mind Merlin moved back up the stairs to finish fetching the prince fresh attire.

“Sorry my friend is pretty protective of me and he gets like that round people he doesn’t know.” Merlin said as he entered his room and turned his attention back to Arthur who was now holding his towel tighter and had his face turned the other way. “He really didn’t mean those things he said.”

“Uh, its ok my father is like that too.” Arthur replied cautiously as he bent to get the other towel from the floor and went back to the bathroom, his eyes avoiding Merlin’s.

He shut the door behind him and stared down at the hardness between his legs. Things were so messed up; he ran his hand across his still damped hair trying to think of something other than the desire to go back out there and toss Merlin over the bed, stripping him naked along the way. Merlin’s touch still lingered on his skin and his smell on his nostrils.

“I have some clothes that might fit you, if you’re interested.” Merlin replied from across the room. “It might be a tight fit though.” He finished as he rummaged through his drawer finding a new pair of boxers and then made his way back to his closet.

After looking through every pair of pants he owned, Merlin pulled out a black pair of jeans. He couldn’t help but think how nice the color went with Arthur’s frame. He shook his head; Will’s comment was getting to him. He was not gay nor did he find guys interesting, so why did he care how a certain color looked on Arthur’s nicely built figure? The way Arthur had made him moan had his body screaming for release a few moments ago proved the contrary.

Laying the pants on the bed next to the boxers, the realization that Arthur hadn’t said anything for the past few minutes had Merlin worrying once more. What item was he currently racking his mind trying to figure out how it worked? He clumsily knocked on the door and tried to turn the knob, but felt a ruffle of movements behind it. Then the knob seemed to be held in place by something else then its lock. Merlin tried to turn it again, but was met with a still stubborn closed door.

“I will be out in a minute, Merlin.” Arthur huffed from behind the door and Merlin took it as a good enough reply. He moved back to his closet to pick out the clothes he would wear, more than ready to be out of the ones he had on.

Sweat clung to Arthur’s forehead and chest. His breathing was erratic and he stared at his hand that wasn’t holding the door; it was covered in a semitransparent liquid. Arthur had made himself come while thinking of Merlin and as his voice had radiated across the wooden door he had spilled all over his hand. Good thing he had quick reflexes and managed to keep Merlin from opening the door again or he would have found himself in a very hard to explain situation. The way Arthur’s body was reacting to Merlin, the person he had just met less than two days ago, confused the prince more than when he had to write a treaty for his father and explain to a visiting princess the rules of combat in a way she could understand at the exact same time.

The prince was pretty sure Merlin wasn’t used to having another guy masturbating in his bathroom even much less so when he was masturbating to him and his voice. Washing his hands, Arthur secured the towel around his waist and exited the bathroom. He almost came again then and there when his eyes fell on Merlin’s half naked body. His glance trailed down the smooth back and delicate ivory skin, the feel of it still lingering in Arthur’s memory. The thought of how Merlin’s back could look like bend underneath him as he pushed him closer to the sheets allowing him better view of his bottom almost made Arthur drop the towel again.

Merlin had removed his shirt and was in the middle of removing his trousers when he looked up and nervously smiled at Arthur. The soft curse that had filled the silence in the room had alerted him to the prince’s presence. His fingers lingered on the trousers and his feet shifted slightly against the pool near his feet that had been created by the jacket, shirt, and belt he had found himself wearing when he had come out of the lake. The darkened gaze in Arthur’s eyes was hidden from Merlin by the damp bangs clinging to his face and the prince was free to continue taking in the half naked beauty in front of him.

“You can try those.” Merlin said as he pointed at his bed and continued to remove his clothes leaving only his blue boxers on, glad to find he was still wearing his own undergarments.

It took a bit of concentration and control for Arthur to move to the bed and keep his eyes from grazing over Merlin’s newly exposed flesh. The pale skin looked so enticing and smooth, as if unexplored by anyone. It mesmerized him as the thin, but well defined, back muscles moved as Merlin reached out and shifted through several hangers.

“There is some toast and milk for you as well. Feel free to wander downstairs if you like.” Merlin said, stepping into the bathroom, he closed the door behind him to give Arthur and himself some privacy.

Arthur composed himself and dressed as quickly as he could. He winced as his muscles moaned in protest from not being used, his entire body was soar. Around this time, Arthur would have had his knights working up a good sweat, midway through their training. Gwaine would have managed to sneak off to the tavern and he would have send Leon to fetch him back. The thought of it made him chuckle.

The prince looked around the room taking in the medium sized drawer, the twin sized bed he had been lying on earlier, and a fairly decent closet. His eyebrows cringed as his eyes hovered for a brief moment at the few posters that decorated the walls and the small bookshelf. Then his eyes fell on Kilgharrah’s cage, a weird sense of recognition hitting him as the small eyes of the lizard stared back at him.

Arthur tensed as Merlin exited the bathroom. Unlike himself Merlin had taken his undergarments with him and was now wearing red boxers. Merlin moved past him and bent down slightly to allow a leg threw his pants, sliding them upwards. Droplets of water clung to his short hair and ran down his chest. Arthur felt his body burn up with renewed desire, unable to tear his eyes from Merlin.

Merlin brought a shirt over his head and pulled it downwards to cover his slim belly. He turned around. “I’m going to go downstairs first. You finish up here and meet me downstairs in a bit ok.” Merlin called to Arthur, picking up a new pair of socks and his shoes.

Arthur’s bare feet fiddled with the strands of carpet near the doorway. He stared in awe at all the strange things in the living room. An object, reaching almost to the ceiling, slowly moved to show the passage of time, two small boxes with blinking lights rested on top of the biggest shelf in the room, and a flat thick screen suddenly blared images and sounds as Arthur accidently stepped on a similarly colored small device on the floor. The baffled prince really couldn’t get over how different everything was to Camelot; he had never seen such weird contraptions even in any of the other kingdoms he had visited.

He definitely was no longer in Camelot. The prince continued to look around and recalled what he had seen out of Merlin’s bedroom window, the passing cars and the paved streets dividing various weird constructions of buildings. Arthur’s further pondering, that included what Balinor had said about Merlin being the only one who could get them back home was interrupted. Noises came from past some double doors. Setting the toast and glass of milk down on a small end table, the prince made his way towards them.

“Ouch” Arthur yelled as one of the doors suddenly swung open and smacked him right in the nose.

“Oh I am so sorry! I keep doing that with doors it seems.” Merlin cried out as he hurried to shut the television off and then rushed back into the kitchen. “I’ll get the first aid kit.”

“No, it’s ok. It’s not broken, I am fine Merlin.” Arthur stated as he stepped back a few steps, avoiding the swing of the door.

A small amount of blood covered his fingers as he withdrew them. He moved towards the couch, taking a seat while still pressing his fingers against his nose to stop the bleeding. Merlin came rushing into the living room holding the first aid kit, almost empty due to his various accidents around the house and everywhere else.

“I got it.” Merlin said as he moved towards the young prince.

“I am fine.” Arthur waved Merlin away as if he was dismissing one of his servants and then caught himself. “Really it’s nothing I can’t handle.” He said tilting his nose up to show he wasn’t bleeding anymore. “I’ve faced worse.”

“I’m sure, since you practically showed up half dead in the lake.” Merlin recalled, deciding to look Arthur over anyways to make sure he really was ok and not just pretending. Pressing gauze gently against the prince’s nose, he wiped the blood away.

“Talking about the lake, I was thinking since you appeared there that you might be able to return back through it as well. “ Merlin rambled, avoiding Arthur’s eyes and instead concentrated on staring at the couch pillow behind him. “It’s all we have to go on for now, it’s worth a shot don’t you think?”

Arthur just stared at him with a blank expression and then nodded unsure on what he had just agreed on, his mind still lingering on Merlin’s lips inches from his face. Before he could lean forward to seal the gap between them Merlin moved off the couch and back into the kitchen. With the kit safely back in its place Merlin rushed passed Arthur and up to his room. Making sure he had his bag and phone, Merlin rushed down the stairs, he sheepishly handed Arthur his boots and a clean pair of socks.

“I don’t have any shoes that will fit you, so you’re stuck wearing yours. Come on!” Merlin stated as he moved to the front door and waited for Arthur to put them on, his smile growing wider as he heard him complain on how dirty they were.